Angie Boyer, L.L.C

Legal Disclaimer

Private Session (Legal Notice)

By booking a session you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and you have voluntarily chosen to book an appointment with me. The nature of the session is for intuitive/mediumship purposes. This practice is in no way a substitute for professional medical, mental, and/or spiritual treatment. The information in the session is not meant to replace or persuade your judgment in any way. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the information you receive during a session will be accurate or that any potential predictions will come to fruition. The sessions are interpretative in nature, meaning that an interpretation could be incorrect. Additionally, some of the information relayed during a session may be personal and sensitive and this could result in feelings of loss, grief, anger, and other emotions. At the same time, personal messages may come through that are amazingly comforting. Please only schedule if you are confident that you are emotionally ready to receive whatever messages come through for you.

Sessions are confidential and are personal.  None of the information shared during a session will be shared with anyone outside the session.  A video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom, WebEx) may be used for our session and/or it may be audio recorded.  By booking the session, you consent to my exclusive recording of the session. 

By participating in the session, you agree that you release Angie Boyer, L.L.C. from all liability and waive your right to any claim, demand, compensation and/or legal actions against Angie Boyer, L.L.C. secondary to attending a session.